We Act for Africa's Development...
We Act for Development...
MA Association was founded with a noble intention to bring development to the African people.  
The founder shared his visions and convictions with university students and others who might be interested. Ma Association is willing to support its homeland by providing employment to the most destitute people rejected by the society due to lack of schooling, by offering a series of training necessary for the personal development of the individual concerned, and even other opportunities leading to the improvement of the daily life of the population . It is better to communicate that the MA used in My association could be Malagasy, Mahay, Manjary, Mamiratra, Matanjaka, and any other Malagasy term with a "Ma" prefix, optimizing our vision.

Our vision 
A simple and clear vision of single group could affect a great change over all a nation. Thus we wish to:  
  1. The population will get job that could satisfy their daily need and could push theme to grow in social and economic state of their household.  
  2. The population will be served by important activities for their development, all sectors and social classes affected, in fact the vision of getting graded positive behaviors changes. 
  3. Putting in place a group of activities that could have tangible impact for Malagasy population daily life. 
Our mission 
Ma Association had a prevised mission, which consists on putting on work all our capacities to offer to Malagasy Population activities that could direct impact on several aspect of their daily life: 
  1. To contribute on durable global development of Madagascar, in collaboration with local population, and many field: Education, Energy, Renewable Energy, Industrial, Mining, Agricultures, Fishing, Telecommunication, Informatics, Communication, Health, Economy, Environment, Technology, NTIC, Scientific Research, etc…... 
  2. To contribute on graded positive behavior changes of the population according the attend development. 
  3. To develop a strong ties of interdependency and cooperation with the state meanwhile in mutual enriching of our differences, and with deep respect each other. 
  4. To bring a new practices for individual and group development by enriching their competencies.  


Our Projects & Programs

Ma-Cyber-Campus : Digital Library , Infomation & Training Center
Ma-Health : Health care, Health Education,
Sexual and reproductive health, 
Infantile Psychology
Ma-Broadcast : National Broadcasting, Education , Information &  Well Being 
Ma-Recycle : Waste Management, Recycling, Waste to Innovation

Ma-Social Care : Social insertion, Social Motivation, Incentive for Positive Behavior Change

Ma-Energy : Renewable Energy, Household Energy solution...

NANJA Fenoarisoa
Engineer, Polytechnic Researcher  
Expert in maritime telecommunications 
Practice in renewable energy 
Public management and business management...

Contact :
RABETY Solomampionona
Environmentalist with a professional background in education and communication.  
Contributes to the good practice of environmental education for the conservation of biodiversity. 
Optimizes sustainable development actions with strong social impacts. "Everything starts with an idea, you have to make it happen".

Contact :
- Lawyer,  
- Graduate from CEDS (Centre d'Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques de Paris) and the ENAM (Madagascar) 
- Post Graduate in  Public Administration, Expertise-Cycle, from ENAM (France, Applied Sciences  National School) 
- 18 years of experience in the private sector as a senior executive. 
- 05 years of experience in public administration as a planner, 

Contact : 
Ma Cyber-Campus
  1. Setting up of the cyber-campus in the city center open 15/24 hours a day and 7/7 days a week.
  2. Establishment of a documentation center and virtual library 
  3. To grant a pedagogical support for research and elaboration of dissertation.
  4. Cultivate an identity on the services offered
  5. Collaborate with existing higher institutes 
  6. Bring together all the teachers interested in the project 
  7. To benefit the members of the association
  8. Establish an effective communication system 
  9. Publication of products and services offered on the association's website
  10. Initiate new researches 
Ma Cyber- Campus National
  • ITASY ( Miarinarivo) 
  • BOENY (Relance Mahajanga) 
  • AMORON’I MANIA (Ambositra) 
  • MENABE ( Morondava)
  • VAKINANKARATRA (Antsirabe)
  • SOFIA (Antsohihy)
  • DIANA (Diego)
  • SAVA (Sambava)
  • ALAOTRA MANGORO (Moramanga)
  • ATSINANANA (Toamasina)
  • IHOROMBE (Ihosy)
  • ATSIMO ATSINANANA  (Farafangana)
  •   BETSIBOKA ( Maevatanana)

Ma-Social Care
  1. Social insertion for young and released incarcerate people
  2. Incitation for Positive Behaviors changes
  3. Initiation for social good practices
  4. Incitation for environmental preservation
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Tél : + 261 34 05 581 36

Lot FIE 154 ter Ambohimahitsy, Antananarivo 103

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