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Hypotheses : 
Education can no longer separate itself from the use of the Internet and the digital systems. As a tool for training and study, as an object of research and as a source of information, the Internet will play a great role for school and university students of our times. 
The Internet has become an essential tool for education and learning. Indeed, students preparing their diplomas need support to facilitate research and the elaboration of their memory dissertation booklet. As well, students of basic education are entitled to familiarization with the exploitation of the Internet for their future development. 
Global objectives 
The aim of this project is to set up a digital library or information and documentation center in the form of a Digital Library (Cyber-Campus). This in a financial and research environment adapted to the needs of the project targets and their purchasing power. So that the students of the campus can benefit from a high-speed internet connection through the "Ma-CYBER-CAMPUS", whose connection price would be cheaper than those of other cybercafés in town. 
Also, this project aims to provide students preparing their degree or internship with a package of educational support, language and computer to facilitate the development of their booklets. 

The direct targets of the project are the students at all levels. Indeed, there will be mainly university students, high school students and also college students. They will benefit from an internet access with a lower price than those of other cybercafes in the city and also from a training package and familiarization with the digital world and interconnected system. They will have access to a virtual library that will be set up in the cyber space. On the other hand, there will also be teachers who wish to do specific research, who will have more need to document themselves or other research collaborators. 
Those who are preparing their diplomas will have a special support package, including help with documentation, training in webography research, and also for the elaboration of the booklet until its completion.  

Specific objectives 

  • Set up a digital library as an information and documentation center 
  • Offer a high-speed but low-cost internet connection for students 
  • Set up a university documentation center  
  • Giving the members of the association an asset for the internet connection 
  • To have a training room and pedagogical support room for the Association 

Ma Cyber Campus National
  • ITASY ( Miarinarivo) 
  • BOENY (Relance Mahajanga) 
  • AMORON’I MANIA (Ambositra) 
  • MENABE ( Morondava)
  • VAKINANKARATRA (Antsirabe)
  • SOFIA (Antsohihy)
  • DIANA (Diego)
  • SAVA (Sambava)
  • ALAOTRA MANGORO (Moramanga)
  • ATSINANANA (Toamasina)
  • IHOROMBE (Ihosy) 
  • ATSIMO ATSINANANA  (Farafangana)
  •   BETSIBOKA ( Maevatanana)

  • Ma Social Care
    Social reinsertion is always a challenge for a lot of banned people. We found that these people need support for their reinsertion to the community. We designed this project to bring changes in population daily lifestyle through incitating to positive changes. On other hand, we will take this opportunity to inform about the world environmental critical situation, just to incitate on its preservation. The main program is based on communication wich requires a high level of engagement.
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